Free night chatting from girls

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Free night chatting from girls

Linda continued to pull until she had Cindy’s arms crushed together and Cindy was grunting, "I think that’s tight enough".

Cindy said, "Follow me", and led the women to her large closet while they watched her body sway in her high heels as they followed her watching the rubber shimmer as she walked.

Linda thanked her and said, "I was starting to like it but this makes it much easier".

Cindy smiled and said, "Yeah fully closed might be too much for the first time, at least you have a choice," turning her back to Linda showing her that the dress she was in do not have a lower zipper.

Cindy pulled out a different dress and handed it to her and said, "This one should fit, it’s too long for me", and the two went to the bedroom to get dressed.

Linda stripped her clothes off and stood naked before Cindy who just smiled admiring Linda’s toned body and watched her struggling with the tight rubber.

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Linda watched amazed as the small woman’s body was swallowed up by the black latex and in a few minutes had Cindy zipped up tightly inside the long sleeve dress and stared at Cindy as she noticed how tight the rubber was.

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