Iranian sex chatroom uk

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Iranian sex chatroom uk

Iranian government uses speed throttling as a means of frustrating users and limiting communication.

Significant speed drop of internet communications in the days following the 2009 Iranian presidential election, weeks leading to 2013 election, and during times of international political upheaval, including during the Arab Spring are examples of such behavior.

(See the Iranian sex tape scandal) As of 2010, most major ISPs in Tehran offer 1 Mbit/s for 2,190,000 rials/month (around 60 dollars/month), 2Mbit/s for 3,950,000 rials/month (around 115 dollars/month) for unlimited data traffic. Restriction for the residential client speed of 128kbit/s is still in place and the speeds mentioned above are just for offices and commercial firms.

1 Mbit/s with 2 GB traffic limitation costs 189,000 rials/month (around 9 dollars/month). According to the American newspaper Washington Times, Iran is using lawful intercept capabilities of telecommunications system to monitor communications by political dissidents on the Internet.

At the beginning of March 2012, Iran began implementing an internal Intranet.

This effort is partially in response to Western actions to exploit its Internet connectivity such as the Stuxnet cyberattack which have fueled suspicions of foreign technologies.

As of 2013, Iran has 46 million Internet users with a penetration rate of 61.57%.

At the beginning of March 2012, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader told Iranian authorities to set up a body to oversee the Internet.

The body which is called The Supreme Council of Virtual Space will consist of the president, culture and information minister, the police and Revolutionary Guard chiefs.

A complete list of the blacklisted keywords on the American server can be found here.

Following the 2009 Iranian presidential election, the U. Senate ratified a plan to help curb "censorship in the Islamic Republic".

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