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No dating for the batman

Nine months after the Joker's death, crime rates in Gotham City have dramatically declined, but Batman anticipates a new threat and maintains a vigil over the city.Before his death, the Joker sent his mutated blood to Gotham's hospitals, and several patients were infected.On Halloween night, Scarecrow unleashes his newest strain of Fear Gas in a diner, and threatens to release it throughout Gotham.Six million civilians are evacuated, but the city's criminals and supervillains stay behind, leaving Commissioner James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department outnumbered.The Knight reveals himself to be Jason Todd, the second Robin, whom Batman believed was murdered by the Joker.

On console, the game saw little to no issues upon release.

Batman investigates Scarecrow's presence, and searches for him in a rooftop safehouse, but instead finds and saves Poison Ivy, who was being held captive by Scarecrow's henchmen.

In a makeshift Batcave in Gotham's Clock Tower, Barbara Gordon is collecting information on Scarecrow's new toxin, and traces its production to Ace Chemicals.

As they confront Scarecrow, Barbara is revealed to still be alive, and her suicide was a fear toxin-induced hallucination.

Having made a deal with Scarecrow for his daughter's life, Gordon shoots Batman in the chest, who falls from the roof.

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