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Single father sings hallelujah

There are over six hundred recordings of his songs in various genres including country, rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, and pop.Tommy Talton/ “Somewhere South of Eden” - Tommy Talton is a familiar name to many music aficionados, especially fans of Southern rock.While having shared stages with artists such as Steve Winwood, Bonnie Raitt, The Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic, among others, it’s Bramblett’s own career as frontman where his artistry is truly on full display.There’s something quite transfixing about watching Amy La Vere perform.At 5”2, she’s easily dwarfed by the towering upright bass she stands behind and there’s an undeniable novelty to the sight.But as her fingers pluck out that first groove, the novelty ends and the musicianship begins. Her most recent release, Amy and Will capture the immediacy of the live show they developed on the road together, reveling in a more stripped-down sound and celebrating the freedoms and limitations that come with it in stunning form.

His latest studio album, Compared to most musical artists in the Americana genre, Michelle Malone seems like a pair of distressed blue jeans amidst a sea of pantsuits.Unlike the surplus of self-professed rootsy rebels, one listen to this woman from Dixie and you know you’re hearing the real thing.Her new album, Stronger Than You Think, is her strongest effort yet.Made in collaboration with Swedish soul singer/songwriter/phenom Magnus Tingsek, .Mc Murtry’s first collection in six years spotlights a craftsman in absolutely peak form as he turns from political toward personal (“These Things I’ve Come to Know,” “You Got to Me”).

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