Speed dating website script

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Speed dating website script

It's only my love life you're messing with."Jonesy and Caitlin: "Great! " [A tear leaks out of his eye.]Cathleen: "Uh, it's just a cup of coffee? You're the best thing that's ever happened to coffee! Happened to me."[Cathleen looks at him oddly.] [Jude and Starr exit the movie theater. Wayne always says he's the smartest dude in the mall." [coming in] "I need a genius, and you're the dude. Uh, bye now."[Wyatt leaves, looking slightly sad, as he's realized that he really is so low.]Nikki: [sarcastic] "Oh yeah. I kind of deserved that."[Cathleen grabs the coffee in her ex's hands and pours it down the drain.]Wyatt: "Not this one too! I made a pledge only to date smart guys."Jude: "It's okay.

Seating in an dominant and open manner, including a stretched torso and widespread limbs, best predicted the chance of the person getting a positive outcome at the end of the date.

Looks like you win the big prize: me."[Nikki kisses him, and they giggle.]Jen: "Ugh, do you mind? I could use a new job, and this could be just the ticket! I mean, that is your forte."Wyatt: "Go on."Jonesy: "And by not talking, you'll avoid that foot-in-the-mouth thing you always do."Wyatt: "What? The bell rings.]Caitlin: "You'll be happy to know that I'm up for anything."Angry Boy: "I hunt squirrels and dress them in little polyester pants."[Caitlin and Nikki look shocked. This goes wrong when his A string breaks, flies across the table, and whips his date's face.]Brunette Girl: "Ow! " [The bell rings.]Caitlin: "You've got a great energy. Actually, once, when I was skydiving–"Jen: "I went skydiving when I was five. Definitely won't be needing this." [He puts his guitar down.][Jen's last date comes back to her table and moves to sit down.]Jen: "Sorry, wrong table.

" [Nikki stares at him.] "Yeah that's right, I got fired from my job cleaning vacuum cleaners? Anyway, ten bucks a head, times twenty daters, that's uh, carry the six, a ton of coin! I love your eyes, and I'm not even lying."Todd: "Uh, if you say so. "Caitlin: "You can if you want to."Todd: "I'm happy to do whatever you want me to do."Caitlin: "Whatever you want."Todd: "No, you."Caitlin: "You."[The bell rings. Had to fight off an attack helicopter."[Her date opens but then shuts his mouth. My guitar string's broken, so–" [He looks up.] "Hey! We just saw each other."Todd: "No we didn't."Jen: "Uh, yeah, we did."Todd: "Sorry, but we didn't."Caitlin: [to the same guy] "Yes, we did!

I want to start things up again."Jude: "I bet, bra. Must be impossible to get a date." [Starr gasps.] "Uh, I mean, I've still got more speed dates to go on, plus, you kind of broke my heart."Starr: "But the heart is a very resilient muscle. Wyatt, only one of the speed dates you picked picked you back."Wyatt: "Aw, man. "Jonesy: "Is it her you like–"Jen: "Or is it the coffee? "Starr: "Everyone who joins has to, and then we do them once a month for fun."Jude: "Uh, sure, 'cause tests are super fun. "[Jonesy whispers in Jen's ear, and she smiles.]Jen: "Uh, Todd? Now."[Jen holds her foot up, and Todd starts massaging it.

And medieval-themed roleplaying games."Jude: "That sounds–um–fun."Starr: "I'm so happy to see you! "[Nikki rings the bell.]Starr: "Or not." [A bunch of photos are laid out on the gang's table.]Nikki: "Okay guys, here are the results. "Jonesy: [whispering from the next booth] "Say 'You have to ask? You can take this IQ test." [She hands him one.]Jude: [worried] "You carry IQ tests with you? "Caitlin: "Don't I know..." [figuring it out] "You! Jen and Caitlin raise their eyebrows.]Caitlin: "What're you doing, anyway? Figured I should give it a go for real and see exactly how many slices I am short of a loaf." [Nikki finishes and looks at the test, surprised.] "So?

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