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In a synchronicity, two heterogeneous world-systems, the causal and acausal, interlock and interpenetrate each other for a moment in time, which is both an expression of while creating in the field an aspect of our wholeness to manifest.

The synchronistic universe is beginning-less in that we are participating in its creation right now, which is why Jung calls it “an act of creation in time.” To illustrate what he meant by the word synchronicity, Jung brings up an experience he shared with a patient of his.

Being genuine wake up calls from the awakened part of ourselves, synchronicities are emanations of the part of ourselves that is waking up projected into time.

Interestingly, the synchronicity with Jung and his patient was an experience in which Jung himself played an active, participatory role.At the moment she was telling Jung the dream, there was a tapping on the office window.Jung opened up the window and a scarabaeid beetle, whose gold-green color closely resembles that of a golden scarab, flew into the room.Jung caught the beetle in his hand, handed it to her and said “Here is your scarab.” The shock of recognition in the synchronistic moment, in which Jung’s patient realized her dream of the previous night was being both literally and symbolically enacted in her waking life, pierced through her resistance and cracked her defensive shell wide open.At the moment of synchronistic transmission, a fundamental shift in perception took place within her which inwardly transformed her and made her receptive in a new way.

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Jung’s synchronistic universe was a new world view which embraced linear causality while simultaneously transcending it.