Wessex water pay bills online

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Wessex water pay bills online

Can he really still countenance his ex-wife remaining under his roof?

Yet Fergie has nowhere else to go and the Duke, a good father to his daughters, will not want to see her homeless.

His edict was ignored - Fergie, her secretary, and anybody else in her floating population of aides and assistants were allowed access to this elegant former home of the Queen Mother.

The collateral damage to the Duke of York by yesterday's revelations is uncountable.

Each nugget is consciously designed to shore up the entirely fallacious idea that Fergie is still in some way connected to the Royal Family. Her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, perhaps earlier than most, saw the writing on the wall and banned her from living at Royal Lodge.

Clearly the prince was expecting something in return, recalled Starkie.

Fergie balked at the prospect of bedding him but nonetheless the prince got a kiss - and she got £50,000.

Fergie has remained angry and frustrated by the fact that her opposite number Princess Diana scored a colossal divorce settlement while she herself got little more than an annual payment based on Prince Andrew's pay as a serving naval officer - not his vast inherited wealth.

'She has never had House of Windsor money,' a friend told me.

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She still travels with an entourage, still spends money like water.' The Mail's Geoffrey Levy recently revealed that, when in Texas, the duchess opened a credit account with the upmarket Neiman Marcus store so she could buy a £1,200 chair she fancied.

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